About Us

Innovating the traffic control industry

TMI History

Traffic Management, Inc. is a privately owned minority business based company in Southern California, co-owned by brothers Chris and Jonathan Spano. TMI is a largely anonymous company whose complete knowledge of traffic control and management is integral to the daily flow of the lives of the region’s commuters. Its engineers design the traffic plans that result in lane closures due to road repairs, large events and big infrastructure projects.

With many large events, such as the Rose Parade, the now famous final journey of the Space Shuttle Endeavour, and managing the traffic for the largest concrete pour in Los Angeles, TMI has definitely made a mark for themselves in the traffic control industry. Aside from the glamour of these high profile projects, TMI’s expertise in the day to day projects of public utilities, such as PG&E and SCE, has been the core of the business.

Traffic Management, Inc. started with very humble beginnings in 1995 in the garage of their great grandmother with only a handful of employees when the brothers were just teenagers. The company has been largely run by CEO Chris Spano since its launch. It was in 2008 that Jon decided to join forces full time with his brother to focus on operations and business development.

By 2013 Traffic Management’s sales exceeded its forecast and tripled since 2010. TMI has been ranked twice as one of the Los Angeles Business Journals top 100 minority owned businesses and has been ranked as LABJ’s 100 fastest growing private companies of 2013 and 2014. They were also awarded Latino Business of the Year for 2014 and again nominated in 2015 by the Los Angeles Business Journal.

Today, the company employs over 1,400 people in 27 offices, and growing. TMI is now one of the largest organically grown traffic management companies in the United States.

TMI’s goal is to provide our customers, employees and the public a safe work zone while maintaining an efficient flow of traffic.

We are Serious About Safety.

“ Thank you for all of your efforts in keeping our employees safe, and for your extraordinary performance. See you on the next one. ”-TMI Customer


We empower each employee to be creative with their approach; to be passionate about our business and clients; to provide reliable solutions for each request

Employee Character

We hire on character first.


Safety is our core value. Our knowledgeable, highly trained staff keep you and your work zone safe


TMI is a rapidly growing, progressive service provider utilizing cutting edge technology to be your resource in the safety industry


TMI raises the bar in the safety industry. Our expertise separates us from others that customers appreciate


We believe being eco-conscious makes us a leader in the traffic control industry. TMI is going paperless, offering solar power equipment, and utilizing recyclable traffic products. We are also working with the state to transition into an all eco-friendly fleet

We commit to making responsible decisions to protect our environment.


Proper training is our highest priority for all TMI employees. TMI utilizes proprietary, multi-phase training procedures to bring real-life scenarios to our field staff. We believe in investing in every employee and providing career advancement. We offer internal and external programs and support formal and informal certificates

Certified MBE (Minority Business Enterprise)

Traffic Management is officially recognized and certified as a MBE (Minority Business Enterprise). This may be an advantage as many agencies, municipalities, and state and federally funded projects are required to meet certain disadvantaged business enterprise quotas


In 20 years of business TMI has maintained excellent incident rates. We credit this success to our employees. It is the policy of TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT, INC. to provide a safe and healthful workplace for our employees and to observe all Local, State and Federal Laws and Regulations.

TMI is a Safety First Corporate Culture. Our employees are trained to recognize, mitigate and report observed hazards. Hazard awareness is a key principle at TMI.

Our Safety and Health Program trains employees to follow safe practices and to recognize and correct unsafe working conditions. Safety is a part of each employee's job. Active participation and adherence to the Safety Program is a condition of each employee's employment. No employee is required to work at a job that he or she knows is not safe.

C31 Licensed

The state of California requires companies conducting traffic control to be licensed contractors. TMI was one of the first companies in California awarded the C31 contractor's license. To get this license, a contractor must take an exam on construction law, business organization, and traffic control. They must also adhere to rules and regulations set by the state.